Capture media with Pixorial's apps

Capture media with either the Pixorial or MyPlayer HD app has never been easier!

Download Krowds in the iTunes or Google Play Store for FREE and see how easy it is to Record a Video to share, edit, or enjoy right from your smart phone. MyPlayer HD is also available in iTunes or Google Play Store absolutely free for use on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Tablet. 

To capture media using an app, click the app icon and log in:

Once you're logged in, there are a few simple ways to capture:
  • Anytime you see a camera icon in iOS or Android, tap it and record or snap away!
  • Select 'Capture' from the Menu options

In the upper right hand corner you can choose whether to capture video or photos and choose a filter by sliding through the filter bar at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have captured a video or photo select “Upload” at the bottom of your screen.

You will then be prompted to choose where you want to upload. Choose an Album for the easiest way to share or drop it into your library to choose later. I
t's automatically saved in your Library and can then be shared to a Album or with friends and family, edited, posted to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets -- all with just a few simple clicks!

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