How do I share media in my Album with others?

There are many easy ways to share your album with others. Facebook or Twitter; email or text; even inviting your friends, family, or whoever you'd like directly to the album!

When you're logged into the Pixorial App on your smartphone, you can share an album icon in the top righ corner within the album. Share to Facebook or Twitter or send an email or text. Your friends, family, and followers can join the album and access the videos by clicking on the link!

If you're logged into your Pixorial Library on the web, you can click on “Share Album” in the green bar. Here you can find the direct link or post to Facebook and Twitter. If you click an individual media, and select 'Share Media,' this opens an address list dialog. Add the name and email address of the person you'd like to share to. Include a personalized message. If you’ve connected via your Gmail account, you also have the option of importing your Gmail contacts directly into your address list.

Any email sent using this method will generate an automated message from “Pixorial Customer Service” as the sender.

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