All About the Pixorial App and Albums

What is the Pixorial app?

Pixorial is the media sharing application that allows you to not only post but truly share by helping you exchange photos and videos with those who matter most. Using the Pixorial app, create Albums of your videos and photos that are easily  shareable via email, social networks or just a simple URL.  Your Albums are accessible in the mobile app as well as the Pixorial website for easy additions. Anyone who’s been invited can also add their own content to complete the easiest and most comprehensive media sharing experience out there.

What is an Album?

An album is a collaborative media space where people connect around shared experiences or interests.

How much does the Pixorial app cost?

$0 – It’s free and available today for iPhone and Android devices!

How long can my videos be?

As long as you like! People don’t live their lives six or sixty seconds at a time, so Pixorial imposes no file length limitations. (Check your cell phone carrier; they may set limits – but Pixorial does not, up to your selected storage plan. Free accounts start with 7GB of secure cloud storage, enough for about 150 average-sized videos.) Use video from any source and Pixorial will keep its original quality intact.

What social services is Pixorial compatible with?

You can share your albums directly to Facebook and Twitter from the Pixorial app. Many other ways to share are available by logging into the web-based Pixorial video ecosystem, including other popular social platforms like YouTube, Blogger and LinkedIn as well as sending links via email or text. You can even share the entire full-quality video file with anyone you choose, rather than just sending a viewing link.


Can I find Pixorial in the App Store?

Yes, Pixorial is available for iOS devices. Download it today!

Can I find Pixorial on the Google Play Store?

Yes,Pixorial is available for Android devices. Download it today!

Which mobile devices currently support Pixorial?

Pixorial is available on any iPhone, as well as Android devices with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or higher.

How long will it take my video to upload to an Album?

Uploading short videos to albums typically takes only a few seconds. Because we accommodate longer-format videos (for example, a wedding ceremony, a concert or a school play), those will take a bit longer. You’ll see a message that says your video is processing while it uploads and renders behind the scenes. We realize people love instant gratification –this is one of the main reasons so many video apps limit you to just a few seconds – but it takes longer to process longer files. We believe people want the option to record and share videos that are more than just a minute or two, and we’ve done everything possible to make it a simple process. There are many variables that can impact how quickly your video is ready to share, including whether you’re on a wireless network or on a slower cell phone connection, how much network traffic there is, how large your file is, etc. That’s just the reality of cloud video today.

I’m having a technical problem or support issue I need resolved; how do I get in touch?

If you’d like friendly, prompt service from a real human, click on "Contact Support" on the right-hand side of this page.

How do I create an album?

It’s simple. Open the Pixorial app, and click the plus sign (+) in the top-right corner on iPhone or choose 'Create Album' in the Android menu. You’ll be prompted to “Create a New Album” and select whether it will be public or private. (“Stealth” means that it will not be discoverable by others via the “Albums Near Me” function – but note that anyone with access to the album will still have the ability to share it if they choose.) Enter a name and description for your album – and that’s it!

How do I find an Album?

Albums are based on location, so Albums Near Me shows those closest to you, based on your phone’s GPS coordinates. Albums are listed from closest to farthest, and the initial view returns up to approximately 20 albums and loads additional as you scroll down through the list. To join in an album that you can’t see listed in Albums Near Me, just ask a member for an invite!

How do I invite people into Albums?

Pixorial delivers a streamlined way to present your videos to others. Because it’s proximity-based, people in your immediate area can see your Album. If you choose to publish your album to your Facebook or Twitter account, your Friends/Followers will see it. To invite someone using a direct link, select the share menu within the album to send an email or SMS/text. You can also log into your web account at (which takes you to your secure, cloud-based Media Library), and select the Album you want to share. Click 'Share Album' to simply copy and paste the direct URL of the Album to share with anyone you want to invite.

How many Albums can I join?

You can join as many Albums as you like – there’s no limit on the number of Albums or the amount of media contributed by others you can view. For media you contribute yourself, you’ll be limited only based on the type of Pixorial storage account you’ve chosen. All new accounts come with 7 GB of free video storage (typically enough for over 150 average-length videos). Pixorial offers several plans if you need more space.

How many Albums can I create and how much media can I share?

You can create as many Albums and shared media as you like! You’re only limited by the size of the Pixorial plan you’ve chosen. New accounts come with 7GB of free storage. Only media you create or transform yourself count towards your storage, not the media created and shared by others.

Are there search components?

Not currently. We want the app to be used by people of all ages and want to focus the experience on connecting people with relevant personal video. Your albums can be shared more broadly via posting to Twitter and Facebook, or accessing the direct URL to share from your Pixorial Library.  Over the next few months we will continue to add functionality to make it easier to discover Albums and media that interests you.

How do I leave an Album?

Leaving an album is simple: just select the album and click “Leave” – that’s it. Others will still be able to see and access the Album.

Who can access my Albums? My media?

Because Pixorial is designed for social discovery of proximity-based videos, anyone can view any public Album and all the videos in that album. When creating an Album, you do have the option of making it Stealth; however, note that anyone who you invite into the Album will be able to share it to Facebook or Twitter if they choose to. Your Album simply won’t be listed under “Albums Near Me” when people in your area scan that list.


How does privacy work and who can see my media?

When you create an Album, you can choose from three privacy settings:  Stealth, Nearby and Public settings.  In “Stealth” mode, your album will not appear in the Albums Near Me list – so you can control who you invite to see it. “Nearby” means the album will be visible in the Albums Near Me list only to people who are near it. “Public” means the album will be broadly accessible, and anyone can view it.

Are all Albums public or can users create invite-only Albums?

You can set your album privacy to Stealth if you like – so that, for example, you want to invite only your family members or your Facebook Friends to see your daughter’s kindergarten graduation album. If you’re attending a big political rally or a holiday parade, you might want to allow anyone to see the album that you’ve created, and add their own video of the event, too. Please note that anyone you’ve invited to join your album can also invite and share with others.

Can anyone in an Album edit it?

In your Albums settings, you can select whether or not members of the Album can edit the Album by toggling the “Contributors” option. Select “Owner Only” to create a read-only Album.

If I delete a media is it still available?

Pixorial is designed for sharing media. As such, deleting media that has been shared can be problematic. You can easily Leave an Album, or you can Remove Media from your view. If you need to ensure that media you added to an album is truly deleted from the system, select media, select the “Remove” icon and then choose “Remove” from the pop-up message.

Can I block a user or media?

If you see media that you believe should not be included in a album you can Flag Media, specifying if you are flagging the video for a Copyright or Abuse issue. Our staff will research it and take action, if appropriate.

How are you controlling/filtering content that may be inappropriate?

Inappropriate content is clearly defined in our Terms of Service, and users who submit content that violates our terms of service will have their accounts closed. If you see any content you feel is offensive, you can simply Flag it, and our staff will research it.


Who owns my media?

You do.  By adding media to an Album you are not giving ownership of your media to Pixorial or to members of the Album.  Pixorial will have what is referred to as facilitative rights.  Those are the rights to be able to store and manipulate your media based on what you do on the site.  Furthermore, we will ask for your permission to use any of your content for marketing purposes.

What can others do with my media?

When you share media in an Album, you are giving others the right to use that media for non-commercial purposes.


Can I export and use my media outside of the app?

Of course! You can email them, save them or share them on social networks. For simple-to-use editing tools, we recommend you log into your account at, to access Pixorial’s award-winning and easy to use video and photo transformation tools.

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