Flash Player or IE 8 error message

If you are seeing an error message in your Pixorial Library that reads, "Pixorial requires the free Adobe Flash Player 10" or "Pixorial does not support Internet Explorer 8 and lower versions,"  you need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player and/or your Internet Explorer browser version.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. You can find out if you have the most current update by going to http://http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Please install the latest version if you have not already.

2. The problem might be resolved by clearing your browser cache and restarting your browser. Instructions on how to do that are here.

3. If you are using Internet Explorer version 8 or earlier, please know that our site does not support those older versions of Internet Explorer.  You can find the most recent version of Internet Explorer here:  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/download-ie   You can also choose to install another internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (both are free).

If following those suggestions does not resolve the error message, please contact support and provide the following information so that we can troubleshoot further:

1. What browser and version number (IE, Safari, Chrome, etc.) you are using? 
2. What operating system and version number (Mac OSX, Windows Vista, etc.) are you using? 
3. Is all your media affected by the issue? If you're only experiencing issues with certain pieces of media, please provide the barcode(s)? (Barcodes are found by clicking once on the media in your Pixorial Library, then on '"Info" on the right-hand side of the screen.)

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