What does the "Edit" button do?

When you select a photo or video in your Pixorial Library by clicking on it once, and then clicking on the yellow “Edit” button on the right-hand side of the screen, various options will appear.

"Edit Image" allows you to easily edit your photo with some fun features: enhancements, filters, stickers, frames, and much more. You have the option to save your changes and a new photo image will be stored in your library, along with the original.  

“Trim Video” allows you to quickly shorten your video for sharing online via a web link, embedding into a blog, or posting to social networks.  Trims made here are not permanent, so you can readjust your edits any time you like.

 “Split Video” will separate your video into two or more segments.  Please note that this step is permanent and cannot be undone.  For more information on splitting videos, see this article. 

 “Rotate Video” lets you rotate your clip.  This is useful for videos taken on a mobile phone, as sometimes they import sideways.

 “Create Movie” will take you into Movie Creator, our easy video editor where you can combine video clips, photos, add music, text, titles, transitions, and more.

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