How do I make a video?

We offer two ways to create a video: our quick “Edit” tool and our easy “Movie Creator” that allows you to combine videos, edit clips, add text, titles, transitions, music and more. 

If you simply want to edit a single video clip, select that clip by clicking once and then click on the “Edit” button.  Your editing options will appear below.  See this article for more details.

To create your own video masterpiece in just a few clicks, go to “Create Movie” at the top of the screen or click the “Create Movie” button under the “Edit” tool.  Here, you can add your videos, put transitions between clips, upload photos, and add text and credits simply by clicking the + button.  You can also overlay text or credits, or add music to your production.  Find out more about all the cool things Movie Creator can do in this article. 

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