A Quick Tour of Pixorial

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If you've signed up with Pixorial, then you've probably met the library. That is where the magic happens.

If you haven't, grab yourself a free account with 7GB of cloud storage.

You are just 3 steps away from sharing unlimited videos across unlimited platforms.


First things first we’re going to need some video. Wait, you’ve probably already done this, right? The question is where is it hiding; is it on your smartphone or some other device? Upload it one at a time or download our Uploader to make bigger uploads a snap. Click Add Video, then from the drop down select the place where you are pulling your video from. Don’t have video yet? Get out there in the world and show us what you see!


Now that you have video in your library, drop your clip into an Album by selecting the clip and then  the plus sign next to the Album you want to share in. Share by selecting your Album in the library and just clicking Share Album in the green top bar. Select if you want to share via Facebook or Twitter or just copy and paste your Album’s unique URL where ever you prefer to share. Once you invite people to your Album they are able to see your videos and add their own. Keep in mind that with Albums, you control who can see your video collections, so if something needs to be kept under wraps, our lips are sealed.

Do More

There’s no reason to stop there! Pixorial is equipped to be your one stop for video storage and sharing, wherever and whenever.


For even easier sharing, connect your social networks. Click Actions and then select Add Networks. You can add Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more .

Go Mobile

The Pixorial mobile app gives you the power to capture video and save it straight to your Pixorial account as well as access to 13 real time filters. Download it for iPhone or Android

Get Creative

Once you’ve uploaded some videos, choose Create Movie. This will take you to the Movie Creator. In the Movie Creator you can add transitions, titles, music and more!


Your first step is to create a Pixorial account. If you’re not yet signed up, you can get started here. Our Basic accounts, with 7GB of video storage, are free!

After you've signed up, simply log in and start adding video to your library.

Here's a quick video tour of our site (to view larger, click here):

Upload a Video: You can upload video from your mobile device or computer.

Upload Multiple Videos:  Use our Desktop Uploader to add multiple clips or videos larger than 1GB

Record:  Capture and upload a video using your computer's webcam, save the file and upload into your library.

Convert Vintage Media: Get those dusty old tapes and films of family movies digitized so you can enjoy them!

Another fun way to add video to your Pixorial library for viewing and editing is via your mobile phone or tablet device!  You can find our mobile apps here.

Once you've added video, you can view it by clicking on the "View" button on the right-hand side of your screen, combine clips into your own video masterpiece, and share it via a variety of social networks.  For more information and instructions, see our Help sections on editing and sharing video.

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