Why should I keep my media on Pixorial's secure cloud servers?

Pixorial offers the opportunity for you to keep all of your media, from vintage to mobile, in one secure, online location.  What are the benefits of storing your videos with Pixorial?

  1. We offer ample storage space for all of your videos and photos. Video files can be huge, and can fill your hard drive very quickly, plus by storing media on Pixorial you don't have the hassle of having to back them up.

  2. We aren’t just about storage. We are the easiest way to share both individual videos and photos, as well as albums of media. We make them shareable across any platform.

  3. Pixorial media is always accessible. ALL of your media is viewable anywhere, anytime, as long as you have access to a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.  Want to show your friends footage you uploaded from your helmet cam on last week's ski trip? Just pull it up on the Pixorial app on your phone!

  4. Pixorial videos are future-proof and don't become obsolete.  We keep on top of developments in technology and video formats, so that your videos are always viewable on the cutting-edge devices.

  5. Our cloud storage is secure. Media files on your home computer, hard drive or phones are always susceptible to being lost in a crash, unless you are diligent about backing them up.  Our servers are physically secure in a monitored, climate-controlled facility with multiple levels of security.  Your files are protected by layers of firewalls and securely encrypted across multiple servers.

We offer multiple membership levels to accommodate the amount of storage you need. For our pricing, click here.

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