My file is too large or my upload is taking too long

If you are uploading media using our "Upload Media" button, and it is taking a long time or timing out, it may be because your file is too large, that your browser imposes a size restriction on uploads, or that your internet bandwidth isn't as speedy as it could be.

For media over 1GB, you'll find it quicker and easier to upload them with our Adobe Air-based Desktop Uploader, available here.  You can upload multiple pieces of media simultaneously and let them run in the background; find out more about the Uploader here.

You may also wish to compress your media files to make them bit smaller for faster upload.  We use Handbrake to optimize our video; here's some information on how to shrink your files using Handbrake.

If you continue to have issues, please contact customer service with the following information:

  • Email address associated with your Pixorial account
  • Size and format of file you are uploading (.mov, .mp4., .jpg.)
  • Name of the media
  • Your operating system and version
  • Your browser and version
  • Whether you are using our browser uploader or the Desktop Uploader

The upload speed on your internet connection can also affect media upload times; if you're curious about your upload speed, you can test it at .

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