How do I post videos to YouTube?

Posting your creations to YouTube from Pixorial is simple!

Note: You must have a YouTube channel (not just a YouTube account) enabled; for information on how to create one, see this article.  Also, make sure you're not using any copyrighted music or video. Copyrighted content will be rejected by YouTube.  YouTube imposes a 15 minute limit on uploaded videos, so please ensure that your video is within that limit.

1. Select the video creation that you would like to share by clicking on it once.

2. Select the "Action" drop down and then "YouTube." If you have not added your YouTube account yet, simply select "Add More" and follow the steps to add the YouTube connection.

3. After selecting the "YouTube" option in the "Action" drop down, a box will appear that allows you to change the title, add a description, add tags/keywords and to add it to a category.

4. Click "Share" when you're done and that's all there is to it!

We will render the video and send it off to YouTube, and then YouTube will evaluate the video for copyright content. You'll be able to go to your channel and see it as soon as YouTube is done looking it over.

NOTE:  Videos posted to YouTube should not have a noticeable loss of quality or resolution compared to those in your Pixorial Library.  If your video on YouTube seems to be of a lower quality, you may need to adjust your YouTube streaming settings for the best viewing experience, as in the screenshot below.

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