How do I connect my Google Drive and Pixorial accounts?

If you have Google Drive access, get the Pixorial app from the Chrome Web Store .


If you have a Pixorial account, you can log in through Pixorial and follow these steps:

1. Click on your email address at the top of the screen, then “Manage Cloud.” 

2. Select “Sign in with Google.” This will take you to a permissions page.

3. Click “Allow Access.”  Now you will be able to view videos you’ve added or created in your Google Drive in your Pixorial Library. 

4. Wait a few moments, then click the “Sync Cloud Service” button, and your videos will appear in the Google section of your Library.


If you do not yet have a Pixorial account and are connecting through Google Drive, go to

1. Select the the “Connect With” button.  A menu will drop down.

2. Select “Google.” A permissions page will appear.

3. Click “Allow Access.”

4. On the Terms of Use page, select the checkbox and continue. 

Your Google account is now linked to Pixorial and your Google videos will appear in your video Library in the Google section.

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