How does Google Drive work with Pixorial?

We’re delighted that Google chose Pixorial as a featured Google Drive™ application for being one of the most engaging cloud-based video platforms. Drive goes beyond storage to help you share and collaborate. With Pixorial’s featured Google Drive app, users can easily sync video files to Pixorial’s cloud-based platform where they can add, create, and share their videos with friends and family. Easy to use editing tools like Movie Creator make creating a polished video a snap. Publish to the most popular social sharing platforms with just a few clicks.

Google Drive is a cloud storage and collaboration service from Google. Drive allows people to store their files online and access them from any device: in desktop folders on Mac or PC computers, in mobile apps on Android or iOS devices, or from any web browser by visiting Videos stored on Google Drive can be seamlessly synced to your Pixorial account so that they are visible in your Pixorial Library.  This means that you can log in to any computer, upload video to your Google Drive and it will show up in Pixorial when your accounts are synced.  You can also save your Pixorial videos to your Google Drive.

If you're concerned about the permission notice you see when first connecting your Google Drive account to Pixorial, please know that this is Google's standard permissions text, and allowing access only lets Pixorial to connect with Google in order for you to access your Google Drive videos on Pixorial, and share them back to Google Drive.  You own your videos and control how they're shared.

 For an overview of Pixorial and Google Drive, please watch the following video.

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