How do I add a music track to my show in Movie Creator?

NOTE: Before following the steps below, you must have already created a video using "Create Movie" and have it open in the Movie Creator window.

Adding a Music Track:

Move the playback head (the green diamond) to the point where you would like the music track to start. Click “Add Song” to choose from hundreds of music tracks provided by Pixorial, or click the “Upload” button to add your own song.

Click the Add Song button to add a music track


Once a music track is added and selected, by clicking on the track, information and options will be presented below the track. You can Replace or Delete a track, adjust the Start Offset (where the song will start if you do not want it to start from the beginning of the song), or you can adjust the Duration of the song. To change the Start Offset or the Duration, simply move your cursor over the time that is indicated then click and hold down the mouse or trackpad button. The cursor will change to a double arrow pointing left and right. Once you see the double arrow, move the cursor to the left or right to change the time.


If you would like to change the position of the music track (if there is room) simply click and drag it to a new position.

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