How do I add credits to my show in Movie Creator?

NOTE: Before following the steps below, you must have already created a video using "Create Movie" at the top of the Library, and have it open in the Movie Creator window.

Adding Credits:

Click on a “+” button in the storyboard where you would like to add your scrolling credits. When the menu pops up, select “Credits.” Note that these credit blocks will not playback over your video. We’ll cover how to “Overlay” credits on top of your video later in these instructions.

Once a credit is placed in the storyboard, it will switch to a view that allows you to pick a font, adjust the size, the style, alignment, color, and duration of the credits.

You can move the credits left or right on the screen to position them by simply clicking and dragging the credit text field.

Click the “Done” button when you’re happy with the placement and look of the credits.

Click on the select the credit icon and click the “Play” button to check the playback speed of the credits.

If you would like to make changes to the credits, you can either doubleclick on the credit block in the storyboard, or click on the credit icon and click the “Edit” button.


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