How do I create a Videocard?

With Videocards, you can quickly create and share a personalized video message.  Videocards are ideal for sending a greeting for holidays, special occasions, or when you just want to say “hi!”

Here’s how to create your own card:

Head over to the Pixorial page and log in. Or if you're new, please sign up for a free account here.

  • Choose the video you want to send as a Videocard. You can pick one from your library, upload something from your hard drive, or spontaneously record a new message from your webcam.
  • (Optional) If you wish to trim your video, select the “Edit" button on the right side of the screen, and then select "Trim." The large trimming window will pop up. Slide the trimmer icons to your desired start/end point. Hit “OK” once you’re happy with your trimming and music selection. (NOTE: These trims are temporary and will work for your videocard, but if you import the clip into Movie Creator to add music, you will need to re-trim the video -- see below for details.)
  • (Optional) If you'd like to add music to your video, select "Create Movie" from the top of the screen.  Click on "Add Video" to import your video clip.  Trim it by mousing over it, clicking the purple "Edit" button and adjusting the trimmer icons. Click "Done." Now select the clip and hit "Add Song."   Save and Finalize your movie (it will take a few minutes to process).  For more information on adjusting the music track, see this article:  /knowledgebase/articles/126820-how-to-use-movie-creator
  • With your completed video highlighted, hit the Videocard button under the “Share” menu (scroll to the bottom of the share list).
  • Select a background from a variety of the pre-made templates, and add your own text to the card.
  • Choose the recipient (or add a new contact), and hit send. They’ll instantly receive your customized video greeting in their inbox.


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