How do I upload video with the Pixorial Uploader?

The Pixorial Uploader is an Adobe AIR-based application that allows you to upload video of any file size from your desktop into your Pixorial Library.  It’s absolutely free, but you must already have a Pixorial account to use it.  Please make sure you have the most current version of Adobe AIR:

To get started, click here to download and install. Use the same email and password as your Pixorial account to log in.

Once you've installed the Uploader, you can upload in just two easy steps:

1. Simply drag and drop video files into the Uploader and click the "Upload" button.

The Uploader will upload all of the files, one at a time, and free you up to do other things. You can drag and drop individual video files or an entire folder of video files.  When your uploads are completed, you will see a confirmation message.

2. When you are finished uploading files with the Uploader, log in to your account on, and you will see an icon for each video that says "processing" in your Library.  Once the files have processed (processing time depends on length and quality of files), you will see their thumbnails and be able to view, edit, and share your videos.

You can also set the Uploader to automatically watch a folder and import videos into Pixorial.  Here's how:

1. Open the Pixorial Desktop Uploader, and click on “Select a folder you want to watch” at the bottom right-hand corner of the Uploader screen. 

2. Locate folder on your computer that you would like to the Uploader to watch, and click "Select."

The Uploader will now automagically upload all of the videos that are currently in the folder into your Pixorial Library – and best of all, by doing it this way, any new videos you shoot and copy into this folder will be automagically uploaded as well, as long as the Pixorial Desktop Uploader is running!

To see what types of files you can upload, click here.

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