How do I make a DVD from my videos?

With Pixorial, you can take one or many of your videos and create a professional DVD with Movie Creator, then complete it with customized templates and professional printing right here at Pixorial.

  1. Create your masterpiece with Movie Creator and Finalize the movie. (You can also make a DVD from an unedited video in your Library.)
  2. Select the new movie in your Library (It will say that it is processing, but that's ok! We won't make the DVD until it's ready to go.)
  3. Select the "Action" drop down at the top, then select "Create DVD."
  4. From here you can select from several templates, add your own message, title and even your name at the bottom to let everyone know who made this masterpiece. Select the "Continue" button at the bottom if you're ready to move on!
  5. If you already have a list of recipients in your address book, go ahead an start clicking the checkbox next to the name of the recipient. If not, select "Add Address." Once you complete the form, you'll be able to select that person as a recipient.
  6. Once you have everyone selected, click the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom.
  7. Now you're at the cart and you'll see the DVD and who it is addressed to. You can delete the DVD from here if you need to make a change, or if you're ready, select "Go To Checkout."
  8. You're now reviewing your order and checking out. Enter your credit card information, select "I agree to the Terms of Use" and place your order. It's that easy!

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