What is Pixorial?

With Pixorial, you can do more than ever before possible with video, including:

  • Store your entire video collection in one safe, convenient place, regardless of original source
  • Archive your entire video library on secure servers
  • Edit, create and share video content online
  • Collaborate with others with video and photo
  • Broadcast easily through social networks, like Facebook and Twitter
  • Create unique, personalized video products (like DVDs and Videocards)
  • And more!
Create and share lasting memories!
  • Easily pull the best moments from your sports videos to create a highlight reel
  • Allow friends and family to own and edit your media uploads and creations
  • Create unique videos to show at birthday and graduation parties
  • Unearth that dusty box of videotapes and rediscover precious old memories
  • Share those special, spontaneous moments straight from your smartphone instantly
Liberate your video and tell your story in a whole new way!

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